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Alaskan Expedition Trailer – Part 4: Visualization

Posted by on March 11, 2015

After sitting in the garage in my camp chair staring at a pile of camping gear set on top of my Alaskan expedition trailer frame, I decided that I needed a better visualization of the trailer.   A nice professional rendering will also be helpful in the event that some sponsors want to allow us to show off their products in the course of this epic adventure.  While I could have just opened up PowerPoint and drawn some boxes and circles but I thought that would have been lame.  So instead, I picked up my woodworking friend, SketchUp and created a 3D model.

Eventually I’ll go back and create a rendering of the insides but this little step has already served as an inspiration.

The 4x4 Podcast Expedition Trailer


More parts are landing on my doorstep from Amazon!


Here’s my 20 gallon water tank.


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