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Centre Steer Podcast

Posted by on December 24, 2014


I recently learned of another offroading related podcast and I wanted to share the news with you. The Centre Steer Podcast is focused on the Land Rover brand and covers all the need related to Rovers from around the world. I had a lengthy Twitter conversation with the podcast host and in that short time I learned quite s bit about Land Rover.


For instance the name Centre Steer is actually derived from the prototype Rover. The steering mechanism was in the middle like a tractor. That design was obviously abandoned as it went to production. And the prototype was large derived from the old Willys Jeep and even shared some components.

I’m looking forward to joining the Centre Steer Podcast in January and you better believe that they will be on The 4×4 Podcast as well.



Be sure to subscribe to the Centre Steer Podcast and like then on Facebook.


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