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Episode 98 – Beau Johnston, TCT Magazine and Four Wheel Campers

Posted by on April 10, 2015

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On this episode of the podcast, we have an interview with Beau Johnston from Toyota Cruisers and Trucks Magazine (TCT Magazine) and we talk about his recent experience with a Four Wheel Camper (FWC) on the Pacific Coast Highway.  Beau Johnston has been on the show many times before and we’ve been enjoying the TCT Magazine for quite some time.  Before I decided to keep my Jeep Cherokee, I was very seriously weighing the idea of buying a full-size truck and then using a slide-in FWC.  It would give all the comfort of a full-size truck as well as the camping comfort of a hard side camper that can be removed from the truck for daily driver duties.  I will say that I have fond memories of having a pickup truck and the comfort of a hard side camper is very appealing.

Would you trade your adventure rig for a full-size truck with a FWC installed?



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What’s in the 4×4 Podcast Garage?  Craig is working on getting his Jeep YJ to pass the CA smog test so that he can get out on the trails but the project has been briefly stalled due to other things in life.  I’m sure that you can associate with that happening!  Rich recently installed a new windscreen on his KLR dual sport motorcycle to one that is inspired by the Dakar Rally bikes.  Dan is still making progress on the Alaskan Expedition Trailer.  Polyacrylic finish has been sprayed on inside of the panels so that once the box is constructed, there will be no need to crawl inside to lay the finish.

Backfire!  Episode 100 is nearly upon us and we want to use this milestone to look back at the past 100 shows and talk about whats going to be in store for the next 100.  Of course we want to include you in the show so you’re invited to join us!  If you’d like to join us we are going to use Google+ Hangout on Air.  This will allow you to watch and comment or join in on the discussion.  So mark your calendar for April 26 at 8pm Central Time and join us.  You can make sure we know you’re coming by join the event right here, as long as you have a Gmail address.

Email from Chris

Hey guys, Greetings from Knoxville, Tennessee.

First, I’d like to say thank you for your efforts in putting together a great podcast. As a truck driver, I have plenty of time to listen to podcasts. Just started yours about a week ago.  I was wondering if you have an email address that you can pass on for Matt Peterson with Fun Trek Guide books. You did an interview with him on episode seventeen in May of 2012.  I listen to you and many other podcasts using Beyondpod. But, I’ll have to look into signing up for the iStore to give a review.

Keep up the good work. I’ll catch up to the present episode soon.

Chris Vandergriff



April first has passed and I spent the day mostly off the Internet because I firmly believe that everything that happens on the Internet on April Fool’s day is a complete lie…but the guys over at Dirt Road Trip has put together a hilarious top 10 list of overlanding tips.

Image credit to Dirt Road Trip

The National Parks System is getting more money in the 2016 budget; a LOT more money.  Just remember that in these fiscally constrained times, more money going to one area of the budget, means some other part of the budget is being given up.  What do you think of this US national budget increase? /

Image credit to Tom Bricker

The new all-aluminum Ford F-150 costs more to repair, obviously.  But how much more? finds out by buying a brand new F-150 and then smashing it with a sledgehammer.  It was painful to watch but I was surprised at how little damage was actually done.  But when the repair bill came it was about twice as much as the same repair would have cost if the truck were made of more traditional steel.



OUTDOOR EDIBLES  I recently saw that Lodge Manufacturing shared a great looking recipe on Instagram and I had to try it out.  It was a dry coffee rub steak.  To cook this amazing dish I seared the steaks in my new seasoned steel skillet and then transfered the steak to my Lodge Dutch Oven to finish them off.  The result was an amazing Easter dinner that was easy to make.  If you’re looking for a dish to cook at the end of a trail day that will really WOW your crew, be sure to try this one out.  And be sure to head over to Lodge Manufacturing on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to say thanks for supporting The 4×4 Podcast! 

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    I guess I am tacta-cool. I have a $500 watch. However it does not have anymore than a clock.