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iTunes reviews and ratings

Posted by on January 9, 2015

We always try to make The 4×4 Podcast sound and look as professional as possible. Unfortunately it looking and sounding professional is only one way for us to gain new listeners. There’s many ways for people to find out about our show. I believe that the best way for somebody to find out about the show is by you telling your friends. Word of mouth is the best way for somebody to find out exactly what you think about the content that we cover on the podcast.

Another way that a lot of people find out about our show is by doing a search in iTunes. When somebody is looking for a new show to subscribe to an iTunes, I’m sure they look at the reviews and ratings. I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who is already giving us a five star review and an excellent rating. We could certainly use some new reviews and that’s up to you to write them for us. If you have not yet left us a review in iTunes please head over to can leave us a review. That will tell iTunes that you like our show and other people can find it more easily.

Thanks again for subscribing and I look forward to hearing from you through all the ways you can send us feedback.

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