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The Amazon-Alaskan Expedition Trailer Build: Part 2

Posted by on March 9, 2015

Last weekend I spent a few hours and put the Harbor Freight trailer frame together.




[Image: 23283865751fa3d25e3c8a8ecd435b1b.jpg]

The trailer frame all laid out. The two boxes combined weigh in at 270 lbs.

[Image: 633c59bf310d991e707a2e5128d2379e.jpg]

Since the frame isn’t a welded together, I decided to use a healthy dose of Loc-Tite.

[Image: fab8d45b64f7ce8b3d4c14e9050d8195.jpg]

Check out that sweet beanie 😉

[Image: 213050f8799ea07df80662e5a0ef3ad2.jpg]

I think I measured for square about 50 times.

My 7yr old photographer caught some of the action.

Gotta make sure everything is square.

[Image: 61064bd8f0b70607b959d8118981d958.jpg]
And now it’s a rolling trailer! This week I’ll do the wiring and bring home the lumber to start building the box. And of course order some additional bits and components. First thing to order is some different springs and a mount that involves a proper leaf spring setup with a shackle. I also need to replace the axle with a 3500lb one. And source some wheels to match the bolt pattern in my Yukon.


  • B4x4

    Red Locktight is pretty close to welding. 270 deg C to open i think? 🙂

    • Daniel Cole

      That was my thinking too. And actually I think the instructions specify that that temp has to be maintained for like 5 minutes before it breaks free. That is a strong hold!