Poison Spyder Customs acquired by Transamerica Wholesale

On 30 January 2015, Poison Spyder Customs announced that they had been acquired by Transamerica Wholesale.  Transamerica Wholesale is already the parent company for many other offroading brands that you are likely to be familiar with such as Rubicon Express, ProComp, 4Wheel Parts, 4WD Hardware, and Smittybilt.  The CEO for Transamerica, Greg Adler, is an offroad fanatic who even races in a Pro-4 short course truck.  Here’s what Cheri McRae said about the acquisition:  

“We’ve been keeping a secret for a little while, but it’s now official. Poison Spyder has been sold to TransAmerican Wholesale. We are proud to have built this brand into something that Trans would like to see as their premiere label. Larry will remain the President and all our employees stay in place continuing the great job that they do. With the support we’ll gain the sky is the limit on how we will continue to grow. American dreams do come true, I know because we have been living it!’

Based on this, I think we’ll still see the same top notch quality work coming from Poison Spyder Customs as we saw before the acquisition.  What I hope we don’t lose is the friendliness and continual innovation that we’ve all come to love.  One thing is for sure, the corporate power and logistics network from Transamerica will give Poison Spyder Customs a huge boost and will allow the parts to become more accessible to more people.

How do you think the acquisition will impact Poison Spyder Customs?

Transamerica acquires PSC
Photo credit to Cheri McRae on Facebook
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Episode 92 – Campfire in a Can

On episode 92, Dan speaks with Leo, the inventor of the Campfire in a Can!  Leo is a very innovated thinker that has designed an extremely versitile product that will certainly increase your enjoyment while out camping.  At the end of a long day on the trail, you can use the Campfire in a Can to transition to relaxing mode very fast.  I can’t wait to get mine and start putting it to use!  I highly recommend that you back this project on Kickstarter and get about $90 off using this introductory pricing.

campfire in a can capture

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EnerPlex Packr Base Review

EnerPlex first sent me a message back in September 2014 asking if I would be interested in evaluating some solar charging and battery gear.  In terms of what I think is interesting content for The 4×4 Podcast audience, I assume that you are generally the same as me.  That being said, I often find that I’m always looking for a solid gadget charging solution while out exploring.  Now there’s many times that we’re operating in close proximity to our vehicles so we’re comfortable having that 12 volt power point in close reach.  Since I feel that the offroad vehicle is a mechanism to launch other adventures, I look for ways to enable me to be enjoy adventures away from the vehicle.  That means keeping gadgets charged while away from that 12 volt power point.  Many modern gadgets are powered by proprietary battery packs and not AA or AAA batteries so that means that an actual charging solution is required. 

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Episode 91 – Offroad Jeep Girl Gina Goes to King Of The Hammers

In this episode, we interview a rookie competitor in this year’s King of the Hammers competition. Gina Guccione discovered the world of off-road travel a few years ago after buying her first Jeep. She wasted little time diving in and modifying her Jeep to allow for tackling the tougher trails in her local off-road parks. In March of last year she purchased her second Jeep, a bone stock 97 TJ, and well… we will let her explain the obstacles she has faced thus far to get her Classy Pink Jeep ready to compete in one of the most challenging and technical competitions held in the United States.


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2017 Ford Raptor


The Ford Raptor has been widely accepted in the offroading world as not just a halo vehicle for Ford, but as the gold standard for offroad trucks. There had been much speculation on the future of the Ford Raptor but now the speculation can stop. The next Ford Raptor will come late in 2016, probably as a 2017 model. Here’s the quick hits.  The bottom line up front is that the next-gen Ford Raptor will continue to be awesome! The full press release is at the bottom of the post. Image credit to Drew Phillips.

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2016 Nissan Titan Diesel


The first big announcement from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit has happened. The Nissan Titan has rolled out with a totally fresh new look and drivetrain. The most expected news is that it has the 5.0 liter Cummins diesel V8 engine. Towing capacity is stated as 12,000 pounds with a “20% fuel savings compared to the competition.”

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GoPro Mechanical Diagnostics – Whats going on down there?

Have you ever wondered what is making that strange sound while driving?  Diagnosing odd noises can sometimes be difficult and your ears can easily be deceived.  One tool that I’ve used before is a GoPro.  You can place it in locations and easily see what is going on with a specific component while the vehicle is in operation.  You might be surprised how helpful GoPro mechanical diagnostics can be.  That GoPro can also be placed in interesting places for a unique angle for your adventures.

Be advised, this video is boring.  But its been taking up space on my hard drive for too long and I’ve never used it in a project like I thought I would.  Watch it at your own risk.

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Jeep Honcho – They don’t make trucks (or ads) like they used to

One of the listeners sent me this video the other day and I thought it was just too good not to share.  They just don’t make ads or trucks like they used to.

Also, with whispers of a Jeep truck coming out soon, maybe they will reuse the name plate “Honcho” – but in a better way than the reused the Cherokee name plate.

From Wikipedia:

The Honcho was a trim package on the J10 pickup, offered from 1976-1983. It consisted of bold striping and decals, and was offered with factory extras such as the Levi’s interior or a roll bar. The content of the Honcho package varied from year to year, but “always included the wide-track look of the Cherokee Chief.”[5]

The Honcho was one in a series of special decal packages offered for J-Series trucks in the mid to late 1970s, which included the Golden Eagle[6] and the “10-4″ which offered an optional Citizens’ Band radio along with the decals. The Honcho package was only available on the sportside (stepside) and short bed trucks. Between 1980 and 1983, only 1,264 of the sportside versions were produced.

Decal packages were available for many of Jeep’s vehicles in the 1970s, including a package for the Jeep Cherokee called the Cherokee Chief.[7] The Golden Eagle package was also available for both the CJ and the Cherokee.[8]

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North American International Auto Show Preview 2015


Image credit to Toyota

The North American International Auto Show takes place every year in Detroit. The show is the first of the big auto shows coming in the next few months. This year there is more big news expected from nearly every automaker than has been announced in the last few years. It’s a very exciting time to see what is coming for the truck and offroading segment here’s a list of some of the rumored announcements to come next week:

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iTunes reviews and ratings



We always try to make The 4×4 Podcast sound and look as professional as possible. Unfortunately it looking and sounding professional is only one way for us to gain new listeners. There’s many ways for people to find out about our show. I believe that the best way for somebody to find out about the show is by you telling your friends. Word of mouth is the best way for somebody to find out exactly what you think about the content that we cover on the podcast.


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