Episode 96 – The Alaskan Expedition Trailer

This episode contains audio that is a significantly different quality than you are accustomed to on the podcast.  Thats because I pulled the audio for this show from a GoPro video that was shot using an external mic.  My wife and I (and my sister-in-law) were driving back from visiting Lodge Manufacturing in South Pittsburgh, TN and had a chat about the trailer that we’re building.  If you like how this works out, then you may expect more episodes to be recorded like this so that we can create some content while on the trek across the western United States and then north through British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.

Be sure to let me know what you think about the audio quality and our plan for the build.  Drop your comments and ideas in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you or maybe incorporate your ideas!

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Alaskan Expedition Trailer – Part 4: Visualization

After sitting in the garage in my camp chair staring at a pile of camping gear set on top of my Alaskan expedition trailer frame, I decided that I needed a better visualization of the trailer.   A nice professional rendering will also be helpful in the event that some sponsors want to allow us to show off their products in the course of this epic adventure.  While I could have just opened up PowerPoint and drawn some boxes and circles but I thought that would have been lame.  So instead, I picked up my woodworking friend, SketchUp and created a 3D model.

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The Alaska Expedition Trailer – Part 3 tail lights and layout

With the trailer now sitting as a rolling frame, I needed to wire up the trail lights so that I could pick up the lumber and other materials. But the trailer light connector that came with the Harbor Freight kit includes a 4 pin connector and the Yukon has a 7 pin connector. So after ordering a bunch of stuff on Amazon, I decided to lay out some of the gear t on the frame to get an idea of how things were going to be loaded


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The Amazon-Alaskan Expedition Trailer Build: Part 2

Last weekend I spent a few hours and put the Harbor Freight trailer frame together.




[Image: 23283865751fa3d25e3c8a8ecd435b1b.jpg]

The trailer frame all laid out. The two boxes combined weigh in at 270 lbs.

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The Amazon-Alaskan Expedition Trailer Build: Part 1

Its time to build this expedition-style trailer.  Follow along as I build this project to support a family of 5 and a dog for an extended period of time on a reasonable budget.


I interviewed Scott from Compact Camping Concepts long time ago and ever since then, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about building a trailer for my adventures. The biggest thing doing me though was the logistics of moving. Let me explain a bit. I drive a 99 Jeep Cherokee. My wife drives a 2007 Yukon XL. Since I’m in the Army, I frequently move across the country. To save money and travel more comfortably as a family with the 3 kids and a dog, we like to all ride in the Yukon and tow the XJ on a car hauler trailer. My 16′ car hauler just wasn’t big enough to hold the Jeep and an expedition trailer. In June I’ll be moving for the 10th time in 10 years. But the difference is that this time we’re heading to Alaska! The more important bit here is that the Army is paying to haul one vehicle for me. That means my XJ can take a commercial transport up to Alaska and I can haul an expedition trailer across the country and I’ll the Alaskan highway!

I’m so excited that is finally my turn to start building a trailer! The first step was selling my car hauler. So I posted it up on Craigslist for the same price that I paid for it 7 years ago.

[Image: 4abec73107c292a10a1ca9c7c74acb35.jpg]

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Episode 95 – Dirt Road Trip

On this episode of the podcast I chat with the guys from Dirt Road Trip.  I met Ben and Alex at the Vermont Overland Trophy a few years ago. Apparently that’s when they were just reconnecting and actually predated the Dirt Road Trip partnership. Since then, their website launched and they’ve attended many events. They’ve been doing a great job of highlighting some of the interesting areas to explore in the mid-atlantic region of the United States. Be sure to head over to their website at dirtroadtrip.com to see lots of product reviews trip reports and more.

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Caps and Beanies

Back by popular demand, I’m taking orders for caps and beanies. This are high quality hats and all the proceeds go directly to supporting the podcast media hosting fees.  Since I can’t figure out the stupid e-commerce thing I’m not taking orders directly.  Please email me at the4x4podcast@yahoo.com with the color and size of hat that you’d like and I’ll invoice you for the order.

Sorry the process is kinda clunky, but thats the best you’re going to get from a non-tech savvy offroader.  Caps are $15 + $5 for shipping.  Beanies are $10 + $5 for shipping.


Black knit beanies $15

Black knit beanies $15

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Episode 94 – XJ Talk Show and King of the Hammers – audio fixed

On the 94th episode of the podcast, we talk about Craig’s experience at King of the Hammers and finally have Tony from the XJ Talk show on.  I don’t know how we’ve gone 94 episodes without having Tony on the show.  Tony is the host of the XJ Talk show but also runs the XJ Talk forum.  Tony talks about how the XJ Talk forum got started as an effort to escape the abuses of other less friendly forums.  He also discusses how he got into building his Jeep XJ as a hurricane escape vehicle.  If you ask me, that is a brilliant use for a lifted vehicle!


XJ TALK SHOW! A 4×4 Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler podcast

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Rudolf Diesel: A Man Ahead of his Time

Editors note: Harold is one of the co-hosts of the Centre Steer Podcast.  The Centre Steer Podcast is a podcast about all things Land Rover and British motoring.  I recommend that you subscribe to be a well rounded offroading enthusiast.

One hundred years ago, the world lost a great engineer, and a great social visionary.

The son of Bavarian immigrants, Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel was born in Paris in 1858.  He spent most of his childhood in France, but returned to Bavaria to complete his schooling.  He went on to study engineering, and in 1880 he graduated with highest academic honors from the Royal Bavarian Polytechnic of Munich.  After graduation, Diesel’s first job was in Paris,  assisting in the design and construction of a modern refrigeration and ice-making plant.  A year later, Diesel was managing the plant.  He stayed busy doing research and development for the refrigeration industry, and received several patents.


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Taking the Scenic Route – Hwy 67

There are several factors to take into consideration when wanting to explore a new area. Most people love exploring new places and discovering things that aren’t readily available right outside your own front door, and sometimes these adventures take different turns than expected. Scenic highways are a great way to travel to explore new areas, often with scenic overlooks, spots to pull off and take photos, and look in on rural living.


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