Episode 110 – Centre Steer Podcast and the end of Land Rover Defender production

On episode 110, we have the pleasure of having John Kostuch from the Centre Steer Podcast join us. John brings his expertise on everything Land Rover as we discuss the end of Land Rover Defender production. While this is a sad day for Land Rover enthusiasts, this event is critical for Land Rover to move forward as a company. The Defender name is not gone for good though, as John describes on the show.

Fridge Freeze

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Episode 109 – Diesel F-150, Dakar, Chevy Colorado Aftermarket

In the garage

  • Dan – new tires on the Jeep. Yukon needs a throttle body and a bunch of other stuff. Shot a caribou. Northern Light viewing.
  • Rich – Salt removal and chain maintenance.

Fridge Freeze


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Episode 108 – Derrick Metz and the Overland Teardrop Trailer



Dan – HAM Radio installation

Craig – Ready to destroy his YJ

Rich – nothing



Derrick Metz – http://overlandtravels.com.  Derrick has built and awesome overland teardrop trailer.  He designed, engineered and built it all himself.  He shares some of his thoughts behind how he built the trailer as well as some tips on planning your own trips.






  • New Cherokee vs $600 Craigslist Cherokee







Tembo Tusk Skottle – looking to try one soon 

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Episode 107 – Christmas Gift Guide 2015

On this 2015 edition of the Christmas Gift Guide, we have an all-star cast made up of the other members of the 4×4 Radio Network.  Its a large cast with Tony and Tammy from the Jeep Talk Show; John from the Centre Steer Podcast, and of course Dan, Craig, and Rich from The 4×4 Podcast.  Missing from the show is Greg from the Muddy Mic (due to family emergency at the last minute).  If you haven’t already checked out and subscribed to the other shows, take a second and download a few episodes.



Fridge Freeze

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Episode 106 – Ramblr GPS

In the garage


  • What all does it take to winterize a vehicle?
  • Block heater
  • Oil Pan Heater
  • Transmission Fluid Pan Heater
  • Battery heater or trickle charger?
  • Cool guy stuff:  washer fluid heater, mirror heaters, windshield wiper heater

Craig – Sand Sports Super Show and Off Road Expo


Rich – No wrenching. Riding, riding and more riding. Researching trucks for the future build


Interview – Ramblr GPS for all your social needs as related to mapping your adventures.




From Sean Caldwell

I’m listening to episode 16 and u said u put a link for the amy manual for field repair but I can’t find it on there do u happen to still know it.



Mike Smith

Hey guys. Been diggin’ the podcast!  One of the latest mentioned covering electrical relays a little more in depth in a future episode.
Not that I’m the world’s expert or anything, but I’ve wired up more than my share, for a variety of different security, lighting, and other needs in my years as a 12v installer.
If I can offer any insight, feel free to hit me up!


in iTunes by joe5267 from Canada on September 23, 2015
l like listening when I’m going to school. It’s fun listening to the reviews and stories.

in iTunes by hookjaw from USA on September 16, 2015
I have to say, Dan and team puts his heart and soul into this podcast. Dan, Craig and Rich share their thoughts and ideas in a not overly produced podcast. I enjoy that this is just three regular guys talking 4x4s and sharing their thoughts. It’s been great to learn along with Dan as he shares his love of all things 4 wheel drive.
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voicemail from NickyG




Tembo Tusk Skottle – looking to try one soon  http://tembotusk.flyingcart.com/index.php?p=detail&pid=29&cat_id=


  • Send in your ideas for Christmas gift guide
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Episode 105 – Global Expedition Vehicles

The format for this episode is a little different than the traditional episode of The 4×4 Podcast.  So if this is the first episode of The 4×4 Podcast that you’re checking out, go back and check out a few of the past episodes that follow the more traditional format where we cover news, tips and tricks from the trail, offroading related apps, camp cooking and other wonderful segments.  Instead, this episode will feature only an interview with Global Expedition Vehicles, located in Nixa, Missouri.  
Global Expedition Vehicles builds vehicles that are designed to be self contained recreational vehicles that are capable of accessing areas of the world that are totally un-natural for a traditional RV.  The living quarters are built at yacht grade quality and the amenities are nearly unbelievable.  Features such as teak flooring and towel warmers in the interior bathroom are just examples of the things available on a Global Expedition Vehicle
Now these behemoth vehicles come at what I consider to be a high price tag.  The Pangea model that I took a tour of checked in at over $300,000.  However, that price becomes far more palatable when it is considered your actual home.  Maintaining a home residence as well as a GXV model would be quite expensive and that is probably why many GXV owners are full time travelers.  They have the ability to travel the world and live comfortably in their vehicle anywhere from the arctic circle to Central America and beyond.
As I said before, they are large vehicles which may mitigate where you’re able to drive a GXV.  However, there are ways to get around that as well.  One of the models that I was able to check out, had a garage space underneath the king size bed where a pair of motorcycles could be stored.  This kind of setup would enable the owners to park their GXV in a comfortable location and use it as a base camp while exploring farther out around the area on the dual sport motorcycles
I had the pleasure of exploring the GXV shop with my wife and we both agreed that Global Expedition Vehicle ownership is a great goal to set.  That being said, unless we stumble into a small fortune, GXV ownership may remain out of reach.  I want to say a huge thank you to Global Expedition Vehicles for opening up the shop just for me and showing off your exquisite craftsmanship.

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Episode 104 – Pacific Northwest Overland Rally

In this episode we discuss all the skills and topics covered during the 2015 Northwest Overland Rally and Workshop, or NWOR for short.  The NWOR was a gathering of overland and adventure travelers from around the world.  Most of the attendees was from the Pacific northwest area but there were some other attendees from some pretty far off places.  If we got some of the details in the show incorrect, send us a correction and we’ll include it in the next show.   Read more »

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Episode 103 – The Alaska Expedition

This episode of the podcast will cover the entire trip from Kansas City to Fairbanks, Alaska in pretty general terms, in some ways.  In the upcoming episodes we will really dive in and discuss the Northwest Overland Rally, the trailer that we built specifically for this trip, and we also have loads and loads of product reviews from the trip.  The episode is a bit of a marathon at over 90 minutes but it covers a lot of information and experience from driving the Alaska Highway.  Hopefully you enjoy the summary but look for more info in the written trip reports that will be posted on the website here very soon.   If you have made the drive to Alaska from the lower 48 before, please chime in and send us some feedback.

track log

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Episode 102 – Brett from Western Australia

On this episode we have Brett from Western Australia on the show to discuss what offroading is like in Australia.  Are those kooky commercials of someone fording rivers and cruising down long dirt roads just to go to the grocery store fact or fiction?  Unfortunately, before we can get into all the amazing tracks that Australia has to offer, we lost Brett thanks for a sketchy internet connection to the outback.  Sometime we’ll get Brett back on the show to discuss the different areas to explore and what should be on your bucket list.

Brett with this Toyota Prada and Tvan Trailer

Brett with this Toyota Prada and Tvan Trailer

Offroad APPtitude

WikiCamp – http://www.wikicamps.com.au/


Voicemail from Mike Riley

Voicemail from NickyG


2015 Toyota Hilux


Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations


The Hennessey Ford Velociraptor is powered by awesome-sauce


Ram exporting trucks to Australia and NZ


If there’s time. Jeep confirms next gen Wrangler won’t be all aluminum.


Outdoor Edibles – Cast Iron Spanish Rice

  • Bell peppers
  • Onions
  • celery
  • Diced lime rotel tomatoes
  • Brown Rice already cooked


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Bonus episode – Dan on the Off Road Add-Ons Podcast

Dan recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Randy from the Of Road Add-Ons Podcast. Randy has released 19 episodes of his show so far and has a really great show. Be sure to subscribe to his show and let him know what you heard about it from The 4×4 Podcast.


The full show notes are available here:  http://offroadaddons.com/the-4×4-podcast/

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